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We’re launching iOS app

July 8th, 2012 by admin
As you are well aware of, we are moving into a mobile world. Games, social media, photo sharing…and productivity apps! We know that switching between apps isn’t just web user’s problem, it’s even harder when you are on mobile.  For that reason, during last two months, we worked very hard on making fully mobile version of BusyFlow.  You be able to do the typical BusyFlow functions, such as create a new account, add apps to integrate with, see updates across your entire flow, and filter projects, but our integration with all of the other apps will blow you away.

From our iOS app, you can create:
Plus, all comments (if possible on external tools) will sync back with your apps and much more!  Only BusyFlow provides that kind of functionality. Now, you can literally work anywhere.  Sync all of your cloud apps in seconds!
Oh ya, did we mention the app is free?

Let us know what else you’d like to see as we continue to improve the way you work in the cloud from all of your devices.

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